Plasterboard Works

Controsoffitto in lavorazione

The works in drywall are efficient, practical and versatile solutions to partition environments, to enter sound-absorbing and fire-resistant divisions. Our company, since 1980, can count on a team of experts able to ensure safe, functional, high performance building works, as well as aesthetically appreciable.

The structure of plasterboard works

The plasterboard structures crafted by Sotea consist of a warping metal support against which are positioned the plaster boards. Once the support structure is built, we proceed with fixing of the panels, with the grouting of the joints and with the chosen finish, which can range from the classic vinyl paint to a decorative stucco.

Walls, drywalls and a lot more

The flexibility and simplicity of use of plasterboard allows the realization of a whole series of works feasible on small and large scale. This material has now become a base in the construction of partition walls and distributive and separative environments, in drywalls and so on. The material allows, as mentioned earlier, a high level of sound insulation and a good resistance to fire.
The uses do not stop, however, the simple walls but also include the coating of beams, channels, and much more.

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