Suspended ceiling

Controsoffitto in lavorazione

SOTEA, specializes in building modular suspended ceilings in mineral fiber, metal, plaster and drywall lightweight, ideal for any need and environment.

What is dropped ceiling?

The ceiling is a construction solution used to hide the imperfections of the original ceiling, allow the passage of technological systems, optimize lighting and acoustics, retaining the aesthetics of the environment.
Its implementation can meet various requirements, among which:

  • thermal and acoustic insulation
  • greater assurance in fire protection
  • improving the general aesthetics of the environment
  • host one or more various types of installations.

Among the most embedded systems in the ceilings, in particular, there are: the lighting, with different lighting elements anchored to the same ceiling; the forced ventilation system or that of air, the fire fighting system with sensors for the detection of smoke, the detection system of the escaping gas, electrical installations, etc.

The countertop benefits

The ceiling is the ideal solution for the premises to commercial and productive use because they guarantee flexibility and un’ispezionabilit√† that pays the costs of implementation.
Other advantages may arise from the possibility of having a “natural” thermal insulation, sound insulation and absorption.

Moreover, you can get results in terms of fire protection.

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